BubendorffShutter with adjustable blinds The combination of roller shutter and sunshade


Volet roulant lame orientable Bubendorff réalisation - MONO Orientable solar 4

View to the outside with the adjustable blinds

The MONO electric roller shutter with adjustable blinds allows you to control the amount of light entering your home and ventilate it safely. An innovation from Bubendorff, an option you won’t regret.

  • Safe ventilation
  • Light dosing
  • Privacy and sun protection

The innovation that sets new standards for roller shutters

Bubendorff Rollladen mit verstellbaren Lamellen - geschlossene Position

The position with closed blinds offers better thermal insulation in winter and more darkening, while at the same time a slight glow of light is perceptible.

You have the option of controlling the roller shutter slat by slat and you can also close the curtain halfway.

Bubendorff Rollladen mit verstellbaren Lamellen - geöffnete Position wie ein Raffstore

Thanks to the open-blinds position, you won’t be sitting in the dark on hot summer days. The MONO electric roller shutter with adjustable blinds transforms into an external venetian blind that lets daylight in while protecting you from both heat and prying eyes.

At night, the open slats and automatic locking of the roller shutter with adjustable slats allow the home to be ventilated with the same security as a classic roller shutter.


A roller shutter with a three times higher service life

Bubendorff is the only brand that tests its aluminium roller shutters and their drives with 30,000 up and down movements. This is three times longer than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 openings and closings).

This extraordinary longevity is the result of careful development and quality control throughout the entire production cycle.

Why are roller shutters so durable ?

Caisson volet roulant lame orientable Bubendorff

An electric designer roller shutter

The box of the MONO electric front-mounted roller shutter has no visible screws and its particularly compact design ensures maximum daylight when the electric roller shutter is open.

From the design to the completion of the roller shutters and their drives, unrivalled care is taken at every stage of production to ensure that you will be happy with your MONO electric roller shutter for a long time to come.


Volets fonction climatiseur

Pleasantly cool in summer, cosy and warm in winter


  • Roller shutter closed at night: the heat stays in the house.
  • Roller shutter open during the day: free heat supply.


  • Roller shutter closed during the day: keeps the rooms cool.
  • Roller shutter half open at night: Cooling of the living space.

Remote controls : uncomplicated and precise

  • The stylish and ergonomic Bubendorff remote controls for the MONO electric roller shutter with blind function offer a high level of operating convenience.
  • Simple everyday operation and an optimum user experience: with a group remote control or a control with timer, you can operate one or more roller shutters at the same time or plan the opening and closing times in advance.

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Bubendorf smarter Rollladen mit verstellbaren Lamellen - Jalousierbarer elektrischer Rollladen MONO iDiamant

Your home control solution : iDiamant with Netatmo

With iDiamant with Netatmo, you can control your Bubendorff MONO solar roller shutters remotely by phone or tablet PC (programming of scenarios, individual or group control of up to 30 roller shutters).

You can also manage other devices, such as garden and garage doors, lights, sockets, thermostats, ventilation systems … and your entire home.

Bubendorff smart home control



Carefree package : up to 10 years

Choose a carefree package : 5 years, 7 years or 10 years when purchasing your electric roller shutters from a specialist dealer.

The service package guarantees you free delivery of spare parts by your specialist dealer should a problem occur during the term.

Your other benefits : extended corrosion protection of the aluminium slats at sea, special offer for smart home control.

Ask your specialist dealer about the carefree package when you buy your roller shutter.

Our carefree package


Volet battant motorisé Bubendorff Fabrication

Bubendorff, a truly exceptional roller shutter manufacturer

The Bubendorff family business is one of the few manufacturers that designs its aluminium roller shutters – including those with adjustable slats – and its electric drives itself. In concrete terms, this means a better CO2 balance and unrivalled quality control.

Your roller shutters with adjustable slats will still work just as well in 2050 as they do today.

More about Bubendorff

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  • Included with your MONO roller shutter with adjustable blinds:


    • Bubendorff aluminium roller shutters with particularly high corrosion resistance
    • Bubendorff radio wired drive, tested for at least 30,000 openings and closings, silent operation
    • Installation by a specialist
    • No visible screws
    • Up to 10 years carefree package (optional)
    • Stylish and ergonomic 3-button remote control
    • Minimal environmental impact thanks to the Bubendorff commitment
    • Unit price regardless of colour or size (up to 3 meters)
  • Technical data of your MONO roller shutter with adjustable blinds:



    Width up to 3 m
    Height up to 2.50 m


    3 shades for the roller shutter curtain and 8 shades for the framing: more than 24 possible combinations


    Bubendorff radio Hybrid 2-wire Class II AC-charged drive. Works even in case of power failure thanks to its built-in backup battery.

    Bubendorff radio 2-wire Class II AC-charged MR drive.

    All Bubendorff drives are designed to adapt perfectly to Bubendorff roller shutters.


    Automatic locks against lifting

    Mechanical lifetime (roller shutter + drive + battery)

    30,000 openings and closings.

    This is three times more than the highest requirement of the DIN EN 13659 standard (10,000 openings and closings).

    Warranty & Carefree package

    2 years warranty
    + up to 10 years Carefree package on all components (optional)

    Production countries

    France and Germany


    NF Fermetures et Stores No 321-123 and 327-123 (French standard for roller shutters, corresponds to DIN EN 13 659) 14,000 cycles (class E*4)
    NF Électricité (French standard for electrics)
    CE marking

    Environmental product declaration

    PEP ECOPASSPORT n° BUBE-00001-V01.04-FR

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    The Bubendorff advantage

    • CO2 balance:
      CO2 impact: 71 kg CO2
      CO2 savings: 126 kg CO2 during the roller shutter life cycle



    Profiled aluminum housing with reinforced corrosion protection

    Box shape

    1 x 20° (1 round part) or 2 x 20° (2 round parts)

    Box dimensions (in mm)

    Height (H) x Depth (D): 130 x 147 or 165 x 182

    New construction

    Also available in TRADI version for tunnel boxes and traditional boxes

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Design without visible screws

    Roller shutter curtain


    Roller shutter curtain made of double-walled, perforated aluminium profile with CFC-free insulating foam

    Guide pin

    Equipped with an anti-flexion system in stainless steel providing security and increased wind resistance

    Adjustable blinds

    Combines the fine control of the light incidence of a venetian blind with the safety and durability of a roller shutter

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Reinforced corrosion protection

    Guide rails


    Guide rails made of extruded aluminium
    Seal in the guide rail made of thermoplastic elastomer with long service life

    Dimensions (in mm)

    45 x 26

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Guide rails and end slat textured, with long service life according to ISO 16474-2:2013

    Control and automation

    Included remote control

    3-button remote

    Optional additional remote control

    Group remote control to control up to 30 shutters

    Optional remote control with timer

    Group remote control for controlling up to 30 roller shutters with time programming

    Optional intelligent shutters / home automation

    iDiamant with Netatmo: Smart Home module for remote control of Bubendorff wireless shutters via smartphone and Legrand Home+control App

    Optional wall mount

    Wall bracket for 3-button remote control and aditional remote control

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Aesthetic remote controls. Simple and intuitive control.