Bubendorff, the roller shutter with a positive impact on the environment

With Bubendorff, you no longer have to choose between quality and environmental friendliness. In addition to reducing operational CO2 emissions by -75% from 2021 to 2024, Bubendorff has also had the environmental performance of its products certified.

The result ? The automatically controlled roller shutter from Bubendorff saves more CO2 during its 30-year life cycle than it emits.

The advantages of individual product evaluation

Bubendorff is convinced that individual product evaluation and the environmental impact of each individual product is more effective than a general collective evaluation that is the same for all companies in an industry.

Individual certification of one’s carbon footprint is an effective improvement-orientated approach as it encourages each manufacturer to invest in reducing the carbon footprint of their products and to be transparent with consumers.

Bubendorff has opted for transparency and has accurately certified the environmental impact of each of its products over a life cycle of 30,000 ascents and descents.

Almost 145 kg CO2 savings

If you use your Bubendorff solar roller shutter and its automatic control in everyday life, you will save electricity and CO2 thanks to its “heat protection effect”. The CO2 savings amount to almost 145 kg* per m². This more than offsets the CO2 impact (71 kg per m²) of the Bubendorff Solar roller shutter during its life cycle.

* Example for a MONO iD3 Solar, CO2 savings per m², in a house according to RT2005 standard (see PEP-ECOPASSPORT on the INIES database).

A CO2 footprint of only 71 kg/m2

The CO2 footprint of the Bubendorff solar roller shutter is only 71 kg per m²*. This applies to a life cycle of 30 years and includes the CO2 emissions of the raw material, production, distribution, installation, use and recycling of the Bubendorff Solar roller shutter.

* Example of a MONO iD3 Solar, CO2 emissions per m² (see PEP-ECOPASSPORT on the INIES database).

Improving this performance by 2025

Bubendorff is the only manufacturer of roller shutters that has complete control over the production of roller shutters and the electric and solar-powered motors with which they are equipped. This particularity gives the company full control of its carbon footprint and independence in setting its environmental targets.

PEP-Ecopassport product declaration at Bubendorff

For reasons of transparency and as proof of its approach, Bubendorff has certified the CO2 performance of its roller shutters. For this purpose, the company chose the internationally renowned organisation PEP-Ecopassport®, which certifies the environmental compatibility of electrical and air conditioning equipment.

The PEP-Ecopassport product declaration is the product’s ecological identity card and is certified by an independent testing centre – in Bubendorff’s case, Bureau Veritas.