The roller shutter, adapted to today's needs

From development to production, Bubendorff roller shutters are constantly being improved to offer you a high level of quality, a carbon footprint and customer service that perfectly meet current and future needs.

Bubendorff Solar Aufsatzrollladen tradi 6

The CLIMATE+ mode, a function that sets new standards for solar roller shutters

Bubendorff is setting new standards for roller shutters with a unique function that is included at no extra cost – without any sensors or a smart home box.

The CLIMATE+ mode automatically adjusts the position of the solar roller shutter to the current weather (temperature, solar radiation).

In this way, the Bubendorff solar roller shutter maximises energy savings for everyone and improves the regulation of your room temperature in both summer and winter.

Volet roulant bilan carbone négatif - Bubendorff

A roller shutter manufactured by a company with convictions

Bubendorff is a company that always puts the long-term perspective before short-term goals.

The proof : the investment of million euros to reduce the company’s carbon footprint in the near future was financed without applying for public subsidies.

Herstellung Elektrische Renovierungsrollläden - Bubendorff elektrischer Vorbaurollladen MONO

A roller shutter made in Germany and in France

Bubendorff guarantees you sustainable production at its sites in Germany and France.

Bubendorff always favours local partners, especially for the procurement of raw materials: 99% are based in Europe.

Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants - camions électriques

A sustainably supplied roller shutter

Bubendorff has taken strong measures to reduce the CO2 impact of deliveries. The new logistics platform makes it possible to bundle shipments and thus reduce the number of lorries.

Example: Instead of sending its partners 5 roller shutters on Monday, 5 roller shutters on Wednesday and 5 roller shutters on Friday (i.e. 3 shipments), Bubendorff bundles the deliveries and sends 15 roller shutters on Friday (i.e. 1 shipment).

An environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to air conditioning systems

In a standard-insulated building, the Bubendorff solar roller shutter enables the indoor temperature to be regulated without power consumption or annoying noises.

The CLIMATE+ mode allows automated control so that the position of the solar roller shutter is optimally adapted to the current weather.

With Bubendorff roller shutters, you save on air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter – and you don’t contribute to global warming.