Welcome to the specialist for solar roller shutters.

Since manufacturing its first model in 2011, Bubendorff has established itself as a pioneer in solar roller shutters. Since then, the company has continuously expanded its expertise to offer you even more quality products.

Visuell Bubendorff Rollladen mono mit verstellbaren Lamellen 2

Bubendorff – the specialist for solar roller shutters

It all began in 2011 when, after years of research, Bubendorff became the first manufacturer of solar-powered roller shutters to be certified to the NF-Fermetures standard (equivalent to DIN EN 13 659 shutters).

By manufacturing both the roller shutter and its solar drive, Bubendorff is now the specialist that has made this innovation affordable while offering a level of quality that is second to none.

In a word : autonomy

You no longer need an emergency charger. Never again. The Bubendorff solar roller shutter uses only solar energy and works all year round, even in winter.

CLIMATE+ mode : consume less, save more

Activate CLIMATE+ mode with the Bubendorff remote control. The solar roller shutter adapts its position to the current weather to improve the comfort in your home and save as much energy as possible (less air conditioning and less heating).

Bubendorff is currently the only manufacturer to offer this intelligent control for all its solar roller shutters, at no additional cost or connected home control system.

Herstellung Elektrische Renovierungsrollläden - Bubendorff elektrischer Vorbaurollladen MONO

Bubendorff, a very special manufacturer of solar roller shutters

Bubendorff is a manufacturer that develops its own aluminium solar roller shutter and solar drive.

In concrete terms, this means a better CO2 balance and unrivalled quality control. All the Bubendorff solar shutters are produced in France and in Germany.


More about Bubendorff

Solar roller shutters designed to last three times longer

Bubendorff is the only brand that tests its aluminium solar roller shutters and their drives with 30,000 up and down movements. This is three times more than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 openings and closings).

The exceptional durability is the result of a precise production process and quality control at every stage of manufacture.


Why are roller shutter so durable ?

Up to 10 years carefree package

The carefree package runs for up to 10 years of the product and consists of your specialist dealer supplying replacement parts free of charge for all components (roller shutter, motor, solar panel, battery) in case of problem.

Ask your specialist dealer about the carefree package when you buy your roller shutter.