Environmental measures from Bubendorff

Among other things, Bubendorff has invested in reducing operational CO2 emissions by 75% between 2021 and 2024.

Construction of highly insulated industrial buildings

Bubendorff has modernised the majority of its buildings in order to reduce energy consumption.

The new plants were built according to precise specifications: they had to be highly insulated and have very low air permeability.

This decision significantly reduced energy consumption in winter (less heating) and summer (no air conditioning).

Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants - plantation de forêts

Forest maintenance and reforestation on site

Bubendorff finances the planting and maintenance of over 20 hectares of forest in France.

To this end, Bubendorff works closely with state forestry authorities.

Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants - chaudière fioul gaz

Heating with renewable energies

Bubendorff has replaced all gas and oil-fuelled heating systems in its factories with wood-fired heating systems, which are better for the planet.

Bubendorff has also invested in technology that filters 10 times more particulate matter than the standard requires.

Wood waste from forestry maintenance is also utilised in Bubendorff Werke’s wood heating system.

Bubendorff RSE

Installation of 8500 solar modules

Bubendorff has installed more than 8,500 solar modules and has equipped almost all of its production sites with them.

These modules cover a total area of 17,000 m², enabling Bubendorff to maximise its own energy consumption.



Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants - électricité photovoltaïque

Self-consumption of 40% of the solar power generated

40% of the solar power generated supplies the Bubendorff factories directly, while the remaining 60% is fed into the grid for the general public.

The additional electricity requirement is covered exclusively by renewable energies.

Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants prise débranchée

60 optimisation projects for the economical use of energy

Bubendorff has carried out almost 60 optimisation projects to increase its energy efficiency.

These projects are aimed, for example, at optimising the manufacturing process, the technical management of switching off electrical devices or the optimisation of journeys and deliveries.

Tracking energy consumption in real time

Bubendorff has set up a building management system to track all energy consumption in real time.
This allows potential improvements to be identified and the development of energy consumption to be tracked in real time.

Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants - camions électriques

Switch to 97% vehicles powered by renewable energies

97% of Bubendorff’s vehicles run on renewable energy: 56% on electricity, 41% on bio-ethanol and only 3% on diesel.

All vehicles are manufactured in Europe.

Bubendorff uses two of the very first 100% electric 35-tonne lorries for local goods deliveries.

Sobriété énergétique - Bubendorff volets roulants - limitation de vitesse

Optimisation of deliveries

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, Bubendorff optimises its teams’ journeys by reducing their speed to a maximum of 115 km/h.

At the same time, Bubendorff has invested in a new internal logistics platform to bundle and optimise its deliveries everywhere.

This bundling has drastically reduced the number of lorries on the roads.