Electric roller shutter

Bubendorff specialises in electric roller shutters and is the only roller shutter manufacturer to offer the production of roller shutters and electric motors from a single source. This expertise guarantees you unrivalled quality and durability..

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Bubendorff : definitely electric

In the 1990s, when most roller shutters were still operated with a crank or a belt, Bubendorff embarked on the path to electric drives for roller shutters and, from 1996 , to radio drives.

Thanks to this expertise acquired over thirty years, we can now offer you reliable, state-of-the-art roller shutters.



Roller shutters designed to last 3 times as long

Bubendorff is the only brand that tests its aluminium roller shutters and drives with 30,000 up and down cycles. This is 3 times longer than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 cycles).

This extraordinary longevity is the result of careful design and quality control throughout the entire production cycle.

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The Bubendorff comfort

The electric Bubendorff roller shutter with radio control guarantees you special convenience in everyday life. Thanks to the radio control, you can close/open your entire home at once.

With Bubendorff’s home control solutions, you can also programme opening and closing times or control your Bubendorff electric roller shutter with your smartphone.


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Bubendorff, a manufacturer that makes the difference

Bubendorff is the only manufacturer to develop its own roller shutters and motors. This expertise is a guarantee of quality and offers your electric roller shutters remarkable control over CO2 emissions.

Thanks to the high quality requirements, your Bubendorff roller shutters will accompany you for years.


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Bubendorff, carefree package up to 10 years

Choose a carefree package : 5 years, 7 years or 10 years when purchasing your roller shutters from a specialist dealer.

The service package guarantees you free delivery of spare parts by your specialist dealer should a problem occur during the term.

The package covers all used parts of the electric roller shutter and offers you further exclusive benefits, such as special offers for home controls.

Ask your specialist dealer about the carefree package when you buy your roller shutter.

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