Smart Home and control from roller shutters

How about making your home even smarter with Bubendorff’s home control solutions and remote controls?

Control simply your home

Connected to the Internet or not. The choice is yours !

We offer a solution for simple control without an internet connection.

Benefit from the convenience of an intelligent home and remote control with our internet-connected smart home solution.


Smarter Wintergarten Rollladen - elektrischer ROLAX Rollladen Hausautomation

iDiamant with Netatmo

Smart Home : Control your roller shutters via app

With iDiamant, you can choose smart control of your Bubendorff roller shutters via your smartphone or tablet (programming of scenarios, individual or group control of up to 30 roller shutters).

Thanks to the status feedback, you can see the position of your roller shutters in real time.

You can also use the same app to control your garden and garage doors, lighting, sockets, thermostats, ventilation system … and control the whole house.

CLIMATE+ mode : consume less, save more

Your roller shutters become intelligent

With the CLIMATE+ mode, which is available on all Bubendorff solar roller shutters, your roller shutter is controlled depending on solar radiation and temperature. This ensures effortless improvement of thermal comfort in your living spaces.

Bubendorff solar roller shutters are the only ones to offer this type of intelligent automatic control – without a smart home box or sensors.

How does it work… in summer ?

In strong sunlight or when the average temperature is above 25°C, the roller shutters close automatically in the ventilation position, helping to save energy.

In the late afternoon, the roller shutters raise automatically to let light and cool, fresh air into the rooms.

The roller shutters react independently when they detect strong sunlight or a rise in the average temperature: The shutters on the east façade can thus be closed in the morning, while the shutters on the south façade remain open and will only close later in the day.

How does this work … in winter?

At nightfall and when the temperature falls below 12 °C, the roller shutters close automatically to keep the heat in and save energy.


Remote control with timer : Programme your roller shutters according to your wishes

With the 4-channel timer, you can programme the automatic opening and/or closing of your Bubendorff roller shutters at the desired times.

You can also use it to control groups of roller shutters.

Roller shutters that have been correctly programmed with the timer offer you energy savings that are equivalent to a networked solution.

The complete separation of Bubendorff remote controls from the Internet offers you reinforced security.

Gruppenfernbedienung für Bubendorff Rollläden

Group remote control  : Close the whole house with a single button

With a simple additional remote control, you can manage the opening and closing of a group of up to 30 Bubendorff roller shutters without having to operate them individually.

Make your life easier and close all the roller shutters in your home with a single click, without having to operate them individually!

The complete, separation of Bubendorff remote controls from the Internet offers you maximum security.