Which solar roller shutter should you choose ?

A solar roller shutter is a long-term purchase and should therefore be selected with care. When choosing a brand, you should ask yourself the following questions :

How long is the service life of a solar roller shutter ?

To judge the quality and longevity of a solar roller shutter, only the number of “cycles” that the roller shutter AND its solar drive can handle should be taken into account (1 cycle = 1 up-down).

Bubendorff’s solar and electric roller shutters are fully tested (i.e. roller shutter with drive) with 30,000 up and down cycles. This is three times more than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 up and down cycles).

There is talk of an emergency charger. Is this a good or a bad idea ?

A reliable solar roller shutter does not need an emergency charger to function all year round. If one is offered, it is probably a sign that the reliability of the solar drive is not guaranteed (especially in winter when the light is weaker).

The use of such chargers is not only expensive, but also very cumbersome and complicated in practice : access to them is often dangerous if the shutter is at a great height/on the top floor, and there are rarely
power sockets directly nearby.


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