Bubendorff makes the difference

Why are Bubendorff roller shutters so powerful? Because Bubendorff is different and has developed unique expertise.

An independent company

Originally active in wood processing, Bubendorff has specialised in the manufacture of roller shutters over the decades.

For several generations, environmental protection, innovation and, above all, long-term perspectives have been at the centre of Bubendorff’s activities.

A strong environmental engagement

Bubendorff demonstrates its commitment through far-reaching actions that go far beyond mere talk.

The measures implemented between 2021 and 2024 will enable Bubendorff to reduce the CO2 emissions generated during its operations by 75%.

All measures taken by Bubendorff have numerically verifiable results that have been confirmed by independent bodies.

All our measures in detail

Expertise in the manufacture of aluminium roller shutter slats

Bubendorff is one of the few manufacturers that designs and produces all of its aluminium slats in-house. The company holds over 130 patents, including a number of current innovations :

In 2018, Bubendorff launched a new generation of roller shutters on the market: the adjustable-louver shutter with movable slats, which makes it possible to ventilate the room without breaking in and to control the light inside.

In 2022, Bubendorff transferred the “coastal areas” option to all roller shutter curtains as standard and now offers increased corrosion resistance as standard.

2023 Bubendorff launches its new ROLAX solar conservatory shading system. It is equipped with a new frost-resistant roller shutter curtain.

Expertise in the manufacture of solar and electric drives

Bubendorff is the only roller shutter manufacturer that is also specialized in the production of motors. All motors are manufactured by Bubendorff in Germany and France.

In 1996, Bubendorff launched the first electric roller shutter with integrated radio control.

In 2011, Bubendorff launched the first solar roller shutter certified to the NF-Fermetures standard. Today, Bubendorff is known for the reliability of its motors and is recognized as a true specialist for solar roller shutters.

Roller shutter with electric drive

Roller shutter with solar drive