Advantages of solar roller shutters

A solar roller shutter offers you many advantages. Here we have summarised in a short guide why it is worth switching to solar-powered roller shutters.

How does a solar roller shutter work ?

As the name suggests, the solar roller shutter works with the help of solar energy, which is available in the roller shutter’s battery. This battery is charged using the solar panel on the solar roller shutter.

Do you need a power socket to install a solar roller shutter ?

No, and that is precisely its great advantage. No electrician is needed to install a solar roller shutter. This means you can easily replace your old manual roller shutter with a solar-powered roller shutter that opens and closes effortlessly.

Do solar roller shutters also work in winter ? And on the north side ?

That depends on which brand you choose. Fortunately, some manufacturers such as Bubendorff guarantee operation at any time of year, in summer and winter, and even on the north side of your home: daylight is sufficient to charge the solar roller shutter.

Can you save energy with a solar roller shutter ?

Yes, because it works without consuming any electricity. Installing a solar roller shutter also improves thermal insulation. This means you save energy because you don’t need air conditioning in summer and don’t have to heat as much in winter.

Bubendorff as a brand even goes one step further. Bubendorff equips all its solar roller shutters with a CLIMATE+ mode. This exclusive function automatically adjusts the position of the solar roller shutter to the weather, thus optimising energy savings.

Is a solar roller shutter more environmentally friendly ?

Compared to an air conditioning system, it is of course more environmentally friendly.

It is also more environmentally friendly to have a solar roller shutter than no roller shutter at all. You save energy costs with a solar roller shutter :

You save electricity as it is powered 100% by solar energy,

You save on air conditioning costs in summer,

You save on heating costs in winter.

By the way : At Bubendorff, a solar roller shutter saves more CO2 than it emits, and the company implemented measures between 2021 and 2024 than will enable to reduce the CO2 emissions generated during operation by 75%. A solar roller shutter from Bubendorff also features CLIMATE+ mode – an advantage over electric roller shutters. This automatically controls the closing/opening of your roller shutter depending on the weather conditions. In this way, you optimise the energy savings in your home.

Are solar roller shutters reliable ?

To be sure of purchasing a reliable solar roller shutter, the brand must be chosen carefully.

This is because the durability of the solar drive, battery, solar panel and the roller shutter itself are decisive for the reliability of the entire solar roller shutter.

By the way : At Bubendorff, the solar roller shutter is developed and tested for 30,000 ascents and descents. That is 3 times longer than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 cycles).

What is the average price of a solar roller shutter ?

Please note : With some brands, such as Bubendorff, the solar-powered version costs the same as the electric version.

If you take into account the electricity savings you will make in the long run, your Bubendorff solar roller shutter will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly.