Why are roller shutters so durable ?

Just like its products, the Bubendorff brand is built to last. Here are 2 reasons for this

Unbeatable in terms of service life

Roller shutters designed to last three times as long.

Bubendorff is the brand that manufactures both the roller shutter and the associated motor itself.

Bubendorff’s solar and electric roller shutters are fully tested (i.e. roller shutter with drive) with 30,000 up and down cycles. This is three times more than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 openings and closings).

Thanks to this expertise, Bubendorff is the only manufacturer to offer roller shutters that have been tested to such high standards.

Tested by an independent and official body.


Unbeatable with the carefree package

Up to 10 years carefree package

As Bubendorff wants to constantly extend the service life of its roller shutters, you can opt for a carefree package with a term of 5, 7 or 10 years when you buy your roller shutter from your specialist dealer.

The carefree packages guarantee you free delivery of spare parts by your specialist dealer if a problem should occur during the term.

Carefree package