BubendorffROLAX Electric Roller shutter for winter gardens

Volet roulant électrique Rolax pour véranda Bubendorff
Bubendorff Wintergarten rollladen


ROLAX electric, the heat shield for conservatories

The ROLAX electric roller shutter protects you against heat and cold in both summer and winter.

The aluminium slats with connection seal ensure optimum resistance, even in frost.

With the electric ROLAX roller shutter, you can enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Wintergarten Rollladen - Elektrischer Rollladen ROLAX Design

Elegant quality

With its large selection of colours and its compact box – which not only houses the technology, but is also an attractive design element with its curved lines – the electric ROLAX roller shutter blends harmoniously into any roof.

A beautifully shaped box :
The box shape harmonises with any architectural style, whether modern or classic.

High quality workmanship :
The box is designed to permanently withstand the weather. A wall connection and a cover for the side seal round off the ROLAX electric roller shutter.

Wind protection :
The lower part of the ROLAX electric conservatory roller shutter acts as a windbreak and reinforces the structure’s resistance.

Roller shutters designed to last 3 times longer

Bubendorff is the only brand that tests its aluminium roller shutters and the drives of its conservatory roller shutters with 30,000 up and down cycles. This is 3 times longer than the highest requirement of the DIN-EN 13659 standard (10,000 cycles).

This extraordinary longevity is the result of careful design and quality control at every stage of production.

The roller shutter, adapted to today’s needs

Bubendorff ROLAX - Solar Rollladen Wintergarten Wärmedämmung Hitzewelle Klimaanlage Heizung

Pleasantly cool in summer, cosily warm in winter

In summer

  • Electric ROLAX roller shutter closed during the day : keeps the rooms cool.

In winter

  • Conservatory roller shutter closed at night : the heat stays in the house.
  • Conservatory roller shutter open during the day : free heat supply.

Bubendorff remote controls : effortless operation

With the stylish and ergonomic remote controls from Bubendorff, you can operate your ROLAX electric roller shutters easily and conveniently.

Simple everyday operation : with group remote control and timer, you can control one or more electric roller shutters simultaneously or programme opening and closing.

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Your iDiamant : home automation solution

Use iDiamant with Netatmo to control the opening and closing of your ROLAX electric roller shutters via an app on your smartphone or tablet (programming of scenarios, individual or group control of up to 30 roller shutters).

You can also manage other devices such as garden and garage doors, lights, sockets, ventilation systems, thermostats … and your whole house.

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Carefree package : up to 10 years of peace and quiet

Choose a carefree package : 5 years, 7 years or 10 years when purchasing your electric ROLAX from a specialist dealer.

The service package guarantees you free delivery of spare parts by your specialist dealer should a problem occur during the term.

Your other benefits : extended corrosion protection of the aluminium slats at sea, special offer for smart home control.

Ask your specialist dealer about the carefree package when you buy your roller shutter.

Our carefree package


Volet battant motorisé Bubendorff Fabrication

Bubendorff, an exceptional roller shutter manufacturer.

Bubendorff is the only manufacturer that produces both its conservatory roller shutters and its drives in-house. This results in a low CO2 footprint and exceptional quality control of your ROLAX.

Our goal : Your roller shutters should still work the same way they did on the first day, even after decades.


Bubendorff makes the difference

Our projects

  • Included with your ROLAX roller shutter:


    • Bubendorff aluminium roller shutters with particularly high corrosion resistance
    • Bubendorff radio wired drive, tested for at least 30,000 openings and closings, silent operation
    • Installation by a specialist
    • Up to 10 years carefree package (optional)
    • Stylish and ergonomic 3-button remote control
    • Minimal environmental impact thanks to the Bubendorff commitment
    • Unit price regardless of colour or size (up to 3 meters)
  • Technical data for the ROLAX roller shutter



    Length of all fields (max 5 pieces) up to 6 m
    Length of a field up to 1.8 m
    Fall up to 6 m (distance between high and low)


    3 shades for the roller shutter curtain and 7 shades for the framing: more than 21 possible combinations


    Bubendorff radio 2-wire Class II AC-charged drive.

    All Bubendorff drives are designed to adapt perfectly to Bubendorff roller shutters.


    Automatic locks against lifting

    Mechanical lifetime (roller shutter + drive)

    30,000 openings and closings.

    This is three times more than the highest requirement of the DIN EN 13659 standard (10,000 openings and closings).

    Warranty & Carefree package

    2 years warranty
    + up to 10 years Carefree package on all components (optional)

    Production countries

    France and Germany

    The Bubendorff advantage

    • A unique solution for winter gardens
    • Excellent thermal protection



    Extruded aluminium

    Box dimensions (in mm)

    Height (H) x Depth (T):
    212 x 370 for a fall from 1000 to 3500
    263 x 418 for a fall from 3501 to 6000

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Box textured, with long service life according to ISO 16474-2:2013

    Roller shutter curtain


    Roller shutter curtain made of double-walled aluminium, with CFC-free insulating foaming, with an elastomer seal between the slats

    Guide pin

    Perforated end pieces connected to each other laterally by a stainless steel connecting hook

    The Bubendorff advantage

    • Reinforced corrosion protection
    • Frost resistance thanks to the seals between the slats: the ROLAX remains usable in summer and winter without losing reliability and service life

    Guide rails


    Guide rails made of extruded aluminium
    Seal in the guide rail made of thermoplastic elastomer with long service life

    Dimensions (in mm)

    65 x 22

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Guide rails textured, with long service life according to ISO 16474-2:2013

    Control and automation

    Included remote control

    3-button remote

    Optional additional remote control

    Group remote control to control up to 30 shutters

    Optional remote control with timer

    Group remote control for controlling up to 30 roller shutters with time programming

    Optional intelligent shutters / home automation

    iDiamant with Netatmo: Smart Home module for remote control of Bubendorff wireless shutters via smartphone and Legrand Home+control App

    Optional wall mount

    Wall bracket for 3-button remote control and aditional remote control

    The Bubendorff advantage

    Aesthetic remote controls. Simple and intuitive control.