Don't choose between efficiency and ecology

At Bubendorff you get the solar roller shutter at an unbeatably fair price

BUBENDORFF a real roller shutter manufacturer

Bubendorff has more than 60 years of experience. It is the only brand that manufactures both the roller shutter and the drive (electric and solar-powered) itself.

Thanks to this extensive expertise in all stages of production, Bubendorff develops roller shutters and translucent fabrics that last three times as long and are manufactured in its factories in Germany and France.

As one of the few companies, Bubendorff is committed to offering products with a unique carbon footprint that will continue to function for decades to come.

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Carefree package, up to 10 years after-sales service on parts

As Bubendorff wants to constantly improve the service life of its roller shutters, you can opt for a carefree package with a term of 5, 7 or 10 years when you purchase your roller shutter from a specialist dealer.

The service package guarantees you free delivery of spare parts by your specialist dealer should a problem occur during the term.

Your other benefits : extended corrosion protection of the aluminium slats at sea, special offer for smart home control.

Ask your specialist dealer about the carefree package when you buy your roller shutter.

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